Friday, March 7, 2008

Ben Dover

Before I climb onto my platform and start bitching and moaning about another topic, let me first say this:

Thank you all for the many nice comments throughout my last series of posts on the story "Big League". Some of you were under the impression that I was writing about taking my own son to his first Major League game. This actually was not the case. The story for the most part was fiction, but some of the events of the day were based on memories I had of my first game.

My mom and dad took me to my first game at Candlestick Park 30+ years ago to watch the Giants play the Padres. It was a beautiful sunny day and the Giants did win the game as I recall. I remember being so excited to go to the game that I literally was sick before hand. I know we drove across at least one bridge, but I'm not sure which one(s) it was. Got to go down to the field and meet a couple of the Giants pitchers, and although I don't recall, I'm sure I got to enjoy a hot dog too.

The comment Eric made about the Giants not winning, but that he had fun anyway, came from a similar comment that my own son made recently. Like the father in the story, I too was blown away by the grown up tones of someone of his age.

So again, thank you! I'm sure another story will jump into my head and beg to be written. When it does I'll be happy to share it.

You are all an incredible bunch of people. I feel fortunate to call you friends.

Now for the Jeckle side of Hyde.

Back in September of '07 we did a job for a contractor at an elderly care facility. We were told by the project manager of this construction company that there was water damage to the ceiling in the dining room at the facility. It would require two layers of 5/8 inch sheetrock on the ceiling that was ten feet tall. It would also require several other sheets of rock to be installed on a drop down soffet.

No problem, we negotiated the price and scheduled the job. We loaded the 24 sheets of 5/8 inch sheetrock into the truck and delivered it to the jobsite.

Now for the problem. When we got ready to install the rock, we discovered that it required two layers of 1/2 inch rock instead. This meant we would have to load all of the 5/8 inch material into the truck and take it back to the supplier, purchase the new material and restock the job all over.

I called the project supervisor and explained the problem and that this would be an additional $400.00 for the labor and restock fees. He agreed to this and told us to proceed.

This is the part where I should have stopped everything and made him put this conversation in writing, but because time was of the essence and I trusted him, we continued. Go ahead . . . say it . . . ”MORON”.

Fast-forward five months. We were paid for the original contract amount, but never for the change order. (the additional amount) I have had numerous conversations with various people at the construction company. Every one of them resulted in the same story; we will look into that and get back to you.

If you’re getting the aroma of bullshit wafting across your nose right now, you’re not alone.

For some miraculous reason, not once have they received any of my faxes, or emails. Strange! Oh, and did I mention that the project manager that hired us no longer works for the company?

Well I’ve decided to write this one off. I’m tired of dealing with them, so I have copied my final email to them for your enjoyment.

Somehow I don’t think I’ll be seeing any payment from them now (not that I ever would have anyway)


Apparently you have no intention of every paying for this change order, so I guess you win.

Just another case of a large company bending the little guy over and putting it to him up his back side!

Please know how disappointed I am with your company. How convenient for you that Dan no longer works for your company and that you were able to drag this out for five months so there isn't any way of him being available to speak the truth into this matter.

I have spent entirely too much time chasing your deadbeat company around on this.

Please consider this an invitation to kiss my hairy white ass!

Now run, don't walk to the next poor small contractor that you can screw and let him know how much you don't care.



Dana said...

Jeff, did you really send this? I so hope you did!!

CrystalChick said...

With a hubby in the construction field, stories like this are unfortunately common.
Times he's had big jobs come done with time to spare and under budget and gotten no bonus or not been compensated for other things, etc. His boss has been to Europe MANY times... us, never. LOL
Well, hub feels that eventually things equal out.
You'll have some future situation happen that will make up for your loss on this job and that company will get theirs in some way too.

Matt-Man said...

I like it Jeff. Too bad you can't send anthrax via email. Cheers!!

Jeff B said...

Dana- You bet your half nekid buns I did. I could really use the money, but the constant frustration from this is just not worth it.

Crystalchick- all in all, I've been fortunate to have not had this sort of thing happen but just a few times in the several years I've been in this biz.

You're right, they will get theirs and I'll be ok.

Matt- I'm thinking my dogs steaming brown piles would make quite a nice Chrstmas present this year.

buffalodickdy said...

One of my favorite mottos is "Everybody gets one free one from me". What goes around will come around, and the next time will be expensive- I got a memory like an elephant for shit like this... Once, an unscrupulous general contractor did my roof, siding, new outside doors, and windows. The work was never done on time, and went far past the due date...Over the years, in my sales job, I have repeated this story to a hundred people looking for someone to do that type of work to their house. Guess who didn't get called? Probably lost $100,000 screwing me out of $2000...

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Change every to ever and then send it. Just saying. What a shame that you can't get your $400 clams. It just isn't right. Well, at least you never have to do any work for them again. Don't worry, they will get theres. They always do. Have a great day. :)

Jeff B said...

Buffalo- The company I did this job for only does large commercial jobs, so my ability to tell/warn others about what a bunch of scumbags they are is pretty limited.

With their business practices, I'm sure they will get their "reward" soon enough.

Sandee- You are absolutely right. If I was forced to eat Top Ramen for six months because of a lack of work, I still wouldn't work for those clowns.

Gene Bach said...

I know a guy named Guido...I think he can help you. ;-)

Ron said...

Oh shit, Jeff...I wish I could give you a "HIGH-FIVE" right now!!!

*"Please consider this an invitation to kiss my hairy white ass!"


I TOTALLY don't understand how people think that by pulling something over on someone else gets them anywhere further in life!?!

Remember something that I have found to be VERY true..."What goes around, comes around!"

Karma will ALWAYS be met!

Take care, bud.

P.S. And "we're" all fortunate to call YOU our friend too!

Odat said...

That sucks Jeff....but he'll get his in the "end"! hehe.
(What about Small Claims Court?)

Jeff B said...

Gene- Send him over, this guy has some knee caps that are ripe for the breaking.

Ron- My email to them probably won't be found in the book "How to Win Frinds and Influnence People", but it also didnet leave any gray area as to how I felt.

Odat- I'm sure I have a valid case for that, but I'm too tired of the BS to pursue it anymore.

Travis said...

It's a tough way to drill the point home to get stuff in writing. It's unfortunate that this seems to be SOP in the construction business.

The small contractor who has integrity and pride in his work gets screwed by the client that just wants something fixed as cheaply as possible.

But, a lack of integrity does eventually catch up with people. It doesn't get you your $400 from this a$$hat, but at least you'll know there's no bad karma headed your way.

buffalodickdy said...

Had to write back.. This guy would send in guys like you- decent, hard-working joes who I gave a soda or a beer to after days' work was done... This general didn't have the balls to ask me for anything, but would make these poor guys doing the work ask me for the money before the work was done! I had a contract, and I am damn glad I did! Felt sorry for the hard workers who felt they had to work for this bag of sh*t called a "Business Man"...

nitebyrd said...

Bravo, Jeff! Sometimes you just have to say, "F*ck it!" and let the bastards have it.

Good for you. You might want to use it and the name of the company as part of your next advertisement.

Hammer said...

I had the same issue with a printing place. I traded a computer and a bunch of repairs for the promise of free buiness cards signs and leaflets.

They put me off for a few months and then the guy a dealt with was no longer there. I was screwed out of about $600.

Never again.

Roger said...

Call a lawyer and sue there ass!

Bond said...

Incredible that people do not hold up their end of deals...

Sorry you had to go through this

katherine. said... could always let the blog community loose on them....

Jeff B said...

Travis- There are a lot of unscrupulous people in this business. Very unfortunate.

Buffalo- Sounds like the poor workers were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Nitebyrd- I found myself getting to worked up over the whole thing, so I just blew off some steam and now I can let it go.

Hammer- It makes me feel like I have to have anything over one dollar in writing. I'll look like a jerk to some, but I guess I'll be protected.

Roger- I'd probably win, but I've spent too much mental energy on this all ready.

Bond- It is a bummer, but now that the email has been sent I'm feeling much better. (snicker)

Katherine- Yeah!!! She's alive. Missed you.

I think the blog community could do a pretty good job of kicking some backside!

Diesel said...

That sucks. I don't know much, but I know that 5/8" sheetrock is freaking heavy.

Sherry said...

I was going to ask if you sent this and then I read the comments to find out you did. GOOD! What's right always comes around sooner or later.

San said...

Our little family business had a similar experience with a bigger business many years ago. Talk about live and learn.

Good letter!

Jeff B said...

Diesel- You bet your sweet aunt Harriet it is.

Sherry- It made me feel good all under when I hit the send button.

San- What ever happened to, "My word is my bond"?