Friday, March 21, 2008

Things N' Stuff

I just read a post that my brother Gene put up today about being trained to do something and how it may or may not play out in a real life scenario. It's a thought provoking question and thought you might want to read it and offer up your two cents on the subject. You can find him at Turning the Pages of Life.

Tomorrow is egg coloring day! It's going to be a bittersweet day for me. I really have fun coloring up dead chicken embryos with my boys, but it will be the first year my dad won't be here to join in with us. Simply put, that sucks!

I have a feeling the Easter Bunny will be hiding eggs inside the house this year, as the weather prognosticator is calling for rain. That's alright, because I'm pretty sure the boys are wise to the whole six foot rabbit leaving eggs from a chicken on a religious holiday anyway.

Yes I'm a christian, and yes I know the true meaning of Easter, but come on the eggs are still gonna get colored and hidden. Is this wrong?

I try not to throw my religion in anybodies face. I am willing to let anybody know what my beliefs are, but I am also comfortable knowing that not everyone shares them. Wow, how many wars throughout the history of mankind could have been avoided if this was universally accepted?

With that being said, I pose a question to you. What significance, or lack thereof, does Easter have for you?

Thank you in advance for your input, and don't forget to stop by Gene's place too.


Dana said...

Well, we are an odd family. I grew up in a moderately religious (Christian non-denominational) family, and spent every Easter, while growing, up in church. Events in my 20's and 30's caused me to re-evaluate my views on religion. I would say I'd define myself as agnostic now, but with fairly sound Christian roots (how's that for goofy). We do not celebrate a traditional religious Easter, but do throw a welcome party for spring and new beginnings!

Mel said...


<--- Jewish

Himself, however, is Church of England.
The girl is Lutheran.
The boy is Catholic.
(kiddos got to choose when they were growed enough)

Geeze....We're a MESS, huh?

Kiddos always got Bunny Day baskets and still do.
Himself---lays in waiting for his dark chocolate Godiva bunny. LOL

And me?

I nab all the black jelly beans?


Gene Bach said...

Today there were eggs boiling on the stove. I looked at Cynthia and said, "Hey, what are the eggs for?" She looked at me like I was an idiot. Gee, I wonder why? LOL!!!

Thanks for the blog plug bro.

The tractor dude did a lot of digging. e'll be back tomorrow.

Ron said...

I have'nt known you for very long, Jeff...but I get a STRONG sense that you're an extremely open and accepting human being.

And that to very COOL!

I'm actually no religion, however I am strongly connected to my spirit...and this how I know a Higher Power.

I celebrate Easter, mainly for a time of renewal and new beginnings. And yet, I also celebrate the Easter Bunny, dying eggs, easter baskets, jelly beans and chocolate coconut eggs. I really enjoy everything about the holidays. Being human...and also being spirit.

I find it a fun blend!

And I'm with Mel....I nab all the black jelly beans...yummy!

Wishing you and your family a very special Easter this year!

And thanks for this post, bud!

jennifer said...

You know what Jeff? I would color eggs and hide them on October 15th if I wanted to. Would that make me less of a Christian? NAH! It seems that we as believers get tied up in legalism. Yeah, I've heard the origins of the traditions of rabbits and eggs. But my FAITH in JESUS is so strong that I will not lose my salvation for turning a boiled egg blue!!! And besides, it is just so much fun!!!

I am SO SORRY that you will be feeling the loss of your Dad as you have fun with your boys. It must be so hard picking up and doing the things that he was usually there for. I'm really sorry.

Be blessed.


buffalodickdy said...

Don't hide unpainted ones in West Michigan- we got 6" of snow yesterday....

Leighann said...

I celebrate religious holidays without the religious part. Clear as mud? LOL

For me, religion plays no role in our celebrations. For me, I use the time to slow my family down, spend extra time together, etc....

My kids know the purpose for each holiday and, when old enough, can choose how they want to celebrate them.

Jeff B said...

Dana- I don't think that's odd at all. One of my good friends grew up as a pastors kid. He is one of the wildest guys I know. Have a great weekend.

Mel- Thst's gotta make for some interesting conversations around the dinner table. I'd arm wrestle himself for the dark chocolate, but you can have all the black jelly beans you want. Anise=Ick! Thanks as always for the comment.

Gene- You got "The Look". Bwahahaha
Sounds like the shop will be under way Happy Easter.

Ron- Whether or not relegion plays a part in our lives, we've got to care about our fellow man. Hating people in my opinion is a sign of weakness. Caring, loving, tollerating...etc. them may not always be the easiest thing, but it is the right thing. Thanks for sharring your thoughts.

Jennifer- Leagalism is exactly the word that came to my mind too. If coloring an egg on Easter or having a tree at Christmas is deemed wrong to a Christian, then I question their true understanding of Christ. Didn't work for the pharisees then and it doesn't have anymore validity now. Happy Easter.

Buffalo- Bwahahaha...That's funny! Have a great weekend.

Leighann- I totally understand. I'm not here to try to "sway the vote." I'm glad you were willing to share your view point even when it differs from mine. I was affraid that when I stated that I am a Christian, that those of you that choose not to follow a relegion, might not want to leave a comment. I'm really glad you did. Thanks and have a great time with your family this weekend.

Mimi Lenox said...

Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful weekend with your family. Coloring eggs is a special memory of mine as well with my own little boy (who is now grown up to be a man with a boy of his own).

Happy Easter!

nitebyrd said...

Easter is close to Ostara, it's rebirth and a time of joy.

the teach said...

Jeff, this Easter will jhave significance for me and my husband bcause my nephew, his wife and baby boy is coming to spend it with us. This is different from how we've spent Easter in the past. And I'm looking forward.

I have an Easter wish for you here :)

Travis said...

I wasn't raised with religion and as an adult, it hasn't been in my life.

We colored Easter eggs when I was a kid and had fun with chocolate bunnies in our Easter baskets.

But this weekend, Sunday is about the NCAA Tournament!

Jeff B said...

Mimi- Great to see you again. We just finished coloring the eggs. Two dozen in all. the boys had a blast.

Nitebyrd- I'll have to look up Ostara. I'm not familliar with that term. Hope you have a good weekend.

Teach- Nice that you'll be spending time with them. Enjoy the day, and I'll be by to check out your Easter wish soon.

Travis- thanks for weighing in. From what I've heard there have been a couple of pretty good upsets so far. Hope you have fun watching the games.

CrystalChick said...

I started to answer your question and realized I was going on a little tooooo long for the comment box so I switched over to my blog and rambled on even longer. Hey, I couldn't get that U2 video to post and needed a topic anyway. Thanks for giving me one. :)

Happy Easter to you and yours!

Desert Songbird said...

Oddly enough, I don't have a problem mixing the Easter bunny, eggs, and our faith. The kids and I will attend church tomorrow morning as usual; then, they'll run around the house and the yard looking for the goodies.

My kids know the significance of the day and, in fact, the entire Holy Week. I know this for a fact because I just quizzed them on Friday to be sure!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be doing my favorite thing on Easter -- spending the day with the people I love most in my life. Well, most of them anyway; would be perfect if Gene and his family were here. Hey, by the way, I just checked the T.V. Guide and see your favorite movie is on tonight . . . The Sound of Music. If you hurry, you can still get over here for the opening "The hills are alive . . ."
I believe that God has a good sense of humor (after all, He created men, didn't he?) and I don't think that He minds at all that we have bunnies and colored eggs and CHOCOLATE on Easter, and Santa and the reindeer on Christmas. See you tomorrow.


katherine. said...

All of those firsts without a loved one tug at our hearts...

Easter holds a great deal of significance for I am also a Christian. The sacraments remind me of sacrifice and salvation.

I have always celebrated with colored eggs and chocolate in big baskets with weird toys and gifts..(YUCK BLACK JELLY BEANS) and my kids are all big peeps lovers.

I'll probably laugh out loud at Mateo's Easter Sunday dis-service before heading over the hill with the Teamster to hear my daughter sing in her church choir and praise God for all the wonderful people and things in my life.

There are many paths to God....and I am fairly certain He laughs at us all the time as we try and figure out life. Half the things people tell me I should or shouldn't be doing are made up by man...and not by God.

Happy Easter to you and yours.

Jeff B said...

Crystalchick- Just read your post. Nice job! Christianity can be a two edged sword at times. We are taught to be tollerant of others and to "love thy neighbor", but at the same time many in this faith will not practice this when other relegions are involved...sad.

Songbird- Sounds much my house. My faith is strong and I don't put any stock in the fanatics that tell me exactly how I must behave in order to be a "good Christian".

Mom- Curse you woman! Yet another GREAT reason to have given up cable! God created woman from a rib. I think that's why we as men always here, "I've got a bone to pick with you."

See you tomorrow, and know I don't want to hear about the movie. ARGH!!!

Katherine- Your last line, "Half the things people tell me I should or shouldn't be doing are made up by man...and not by God."br/>
One thing I've noticed, there is never a shortage of people willing to tell me how I should live my life!

Happy easter to you, your kids and the Teamster.

Jules~ said...

Jeff, I am so sorry you will be missing your Dad during this special time. I know you must miss his all the time actually but it is even more hard during the holidays. I am glad that you have special things planned and will be with your family. Family can be such a super support system that God haas put in place.

What do I believe? I grew up with a catholic mom and a methodist dad but we never did too much church. I always believed that God was real, but as an adult I learned that I could have an intimate relationship with Jesus.
Dongi all the stuff for celebrations...I love it. I don't see anythig wrong with coloring eggs, eating chocolate, and playing with bunnies. To me it is all a celebration of new life. Besides, who can resist making a child smile?

Anndi said...

I miss Mom too sweetie... I still haven't been able to bake the traditional Easter Ham she used to make. Maybe I'll be able to pull it together next year.

To me, Easter means getting a second (or third, or fourth... )chance. Renewal and transition. And I need one right about now.

Happy Easter dear, I'm blessed to have "met" you!


Odat said...

Aww..I know how it sucks to be without someone you love this holiday...But they're there in spirit...I come from the traditional Christian background..but am not "religious"...I simply consider Easter as a new beginning....

Jeni said...

Jeff -since you asked this question, I'll throw in a comment too. First though, I gotta tell you, the more I read your blog and Gene's, the more I admire your Mom and especially love her sense of humor - just a nice twist of evil to it there! Yep, the Good Lord has to have a sense of humor.
Now -Easter and me -ok, I'm a Christian of the Lutheran variety -born, baptized, confirmed and still a member of the same church for 63 years now. Easter is a beautiful time in the church year for renewal, recognition of God's promises to us -and ours to Him as well. Holy Week takes us through the sadness and sorrow to the unequivocal joy of knowing we have Eternal Life.
That being said, we also have the silliness -Easter baskets, boiled eggs (undyed though this year as I was lucky I remembered to boil them last night and Mandy forgot to get any dye for them. LOL But Maya and Kurt still had baskets with candies and some little toys, puzzles, crayons and such, to find this morning. Heck, I even got a little basket from Mandy handed to me last night and just in the nick of time too because I was having a severe need for some chocolate. Nice that my daughter is sometimes a bit of a mindreader there, ya know!
We made it to the Sunrise service this morning, breakfast after services too at church and now home, ready to start getting my ham cooked, make scalloped potatoes, macaroni salad and who knows what else for whoever shows up for dinner today!
Have a beautiful Easter -for you and your family!

Jeff B said...

Jules- You mean all the eggs, chocolate and so forth is for the kids? Now I get it! (smile)
Happy Easter

Anndi- The first egg I colored was a cool rainbow one with Grandpa written on it. I know he was up there with a big ole' grin on his face watching us.

Odat- I know that feeling of loss is all too close for you right now. Hope you have a good day in spite of that.