Friday, March 28, 2008

What Is It #4 - Solved

First and foremost I would like to thank Ron at VENT for starting your minds wandering down the gutter. Although after reading some of your comments, I'm not sure he had to tug at you too hard to get you there. Bwahahaha. If you haven't checked out his site, do yourself a favor and go by to have a look. Humor and wit are his main trademarks, but he does a great job with whatever he posts. If ever I get put into a nuthouse I'm quite sure he will be in the same building with me. You can click here to get there. (Ron's site that is, not the funny farm)

You all crack me up!

The funny thing is, when you scroll down to the now infamous #4 you'll see the irony in your perverted guesses at it. As it turns out this may be the very thing you will need to wash your minds out with. And to think, my mom reads this blog. Oh wait...she joined right in with the rest of you didn't she?

Am I ripe for counseling or what?

Numbers one and two seemed to be pretty easy for you and a lot of you were on the right track for number three as well. When my flash went off on that one(#3) I was afraid security was going to be waiting outside for me, but as luck would have it they weren't.

Only one person got number five, and out of all of the photos I thought someone would have picked up on #6, but to my surprise no one did. Granted, I skewed your perception a bit on that one by placing it on the floor and photographing it from above, but after all the talk of the last couple of posts I was sure someone would still make it out. When you scroll down you'll see it in its new surroundings, on our kitchen counter.

Now, without further ado, I give you the original and the expanded views:

#1 Plastic hangers

#2 Shoelaces on rubber boots

#3 Louvered door inside the changing room

drum roll please...

#4 Bleach bottles as viewed from through the handles

Now don't you feel silly?

#5 Bicycle tires

#6 Banana tree (Lisa pointed this one out!)

#7 Underside of a shelf

Thank you for all the entertaining comments and good guesses. I'll be sure to do this again in the future.


Rhea said...

Oh, those were great!! The bleach handles were the biggest surprise of all. Great shots, I really enjoyed that contest.

david mcmahon said...

Great work - just the sort of stuff I enjoy doing!!

Ron said...

Ok...first of all, reading the comments left on the previous post, I can see that I am not the ONLY one of your readers that has a fithy and clever mind!!!

(thank you people!)

It was a view through a BLEACH HANDLE??? Ok, well..I just did my laundry this afternoon and used BLEACH, but apparently I need to go back and look at that handle again!?!?

Oh boy, Jeff...this was FUN! You've got to pop in one of these posts every so often...they're GREAT!

(I LOVED Mel's comment)

Listen, I'll email you my home address so you can send me a small bottle of bleach as a "BOOBY" prize!

Later gator!

Ron said...

Oh, God, Jeff...I got so involved looking at only the photo's in this post, that I completely missed reading the first part of it.


And yes, if we ever end up in the nuthouse together...we can ask to be roommates, so we can write a blog, and call it..."The BananaToothpaste Diaries"

Thanks again, Jeff. That was so nice of you!

Gene Bach said...

I hope Lisa buys 100 banannas every day and makes you eat them.

Jeff B said...

Rhea- Thanks for joining in the fun.

David- You being the master of looking a objects from a unique perspective I hoped you would make it by.

Ron- Everybody was in rare form on this one!

I'll be sure to do this again, they seem to be enjoyed. And I like your blog title for our padded room writing!

Gene- Don't bananas constipate? If I ate that many it make me full of shEEt. Ooops to late for that!

buffalodickdy said...

We've actually have one of those banana hooks! It is now in a box in the house-somewhere...(imagine the government warehouse shown at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie..)

R.E.H. said...

Of course! A banana holder! Banana's, toilet paper... who cares right? I get a point on that one do I? ;)

CrystalChick said...

I'm taking a photography workshop today... are YOU teaching it??
That was fun!
Have a nice weekend. :)

Nicole P said...

WOW, Jeff, this was a fun thing to do. Sorry I missed all the fun!

Leighann said...

Jeff that was fantastic! I love the bleach handle shot, how creative!

I still say if you did a side by side comparrison to Heather Mills vagina it would be SPOT ON!

Dana said...

Wow! Bleach bottles. Who would have ever guessed? Well, no one! We saw that! Even thought I didn't officially guess, this was a lot of fun! I do hope you decide to make this a regular feature again!

Jeff B said...

Buffalo- You need to institute the three year rule. If it sits in a box for three years without being used for something it hits a yard sale of goodwill.

REH- Why not. One point for creative thinking.

Crystalchik- Thanks for the compliment. If you want some real pointers in that department see David McMahon's site.

Ncole P- Maybe you'll catch it next time. Come back again anytime.

Leighann- Poor Heather. What did she do to bring about all this? Let's count the reasons...47 million..48 million...49...

Dana- I get a kick out of reading all the guesses too. I'm not big on routine, so I can't say I'll do this every such and such day, but I will include another one at some point.

Matt-Man said...

Bleach Bottles...Very Clever. Cheers Jeff!!

Akelamalu said...

I'm proud to have got even a couple right - those were really hard! Ron's a scream I love him to bits. :)

Odat said...

Ohhhh for crying out loud....geeze...only a bleach bottle!
LOL...was a good game!

Mel said...

I stand, amazed and absolutely SHOCKED that you'd search a store high and low for ANYTHING that resembled Ron's #4. LOL

And what a nice thing to recommend folks to Ron's place. He's such a fun fella!

Travis said...

Rats! I missed my chance to guess and be all silly and puerile with the rest of the group.

**throws a minor temper tantrum**

It was too minor!

Sandi McBride said...

Okay now, really...a banana tree? And I was supposed to get that because....and the bleach bottles...but it was really fun if mind boggling...and as for the matriarch in your family, you know what they they, if it's not one thing it's your mother!

Jeff B said...

Matt- it was just a matter of perspective.

Akelamalu- These were some pretty random selections, so getting a couple was good. Totally agree about Ron.

Odat- All that silliness for something that ordinary. Ain't it great!

Mel- Dare I say it was right there starring me in the face? Hopefully some others will get aquainted with Ron, he's a great guy.

Travis- Feel free to stomp your feet and hold your breath all you need. There's always next time.

Sandi- ok, for the full effect of the banana tree you need to go back a few posts to "Banana Ramma" After reading that one it will make sense to you.

My funny bone was gifted to me by my awesome mom.

Lady in red said...

Ok I have taken the plunge and visited to see why everyone thinks you are so funny and now I can see why.

who would have ever thought of taking that picture of a bleach bottle?

and as for bananas isn't that what every right thinking woman in the western world does ok I stop short at baking banana bread as I personally don't like bananas (its the smell that puts me off) but I do buy them every week and end up throwing half of them away every week.

Now don't you go away I shall have to come back later and do some more rummaging in your archives....will try not to tickle you too much

Anndi said...

Don't holes in rubber boots defeat the purpose?

You know, one of the things we make (at work) is bleach... :)

I saw a commercial for fruit preservation bags... and do you KNOW how long you can keep bananas fresh with those!! WOOOOOOOOOO!
I'll send you some.

Was there a tarantula in the banana tree?

Jeff B said...

Lady in Red- Thanks for taking the plunge. I hope you will come back and join my friends in reading this little blog of mine.

Andi- Oh please do. Just think about how many we could keep on hand then. Yep, never living this one down.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Hey, bleach and vagina are close. Bwahahahahahaha. Too fun. :)

Roger said...

Damn I miss this, sorry man I love it when u do "what is it"!

Hey you left that Star Trek comment just when I was a old episode lol it was right on cue!